Leadership & Managerial Effectiveness


What prevents us from achieving great things in life? What makes us unhappy in life? What is it that prevents us from living life to our full potential and realizing our dreams?  The answer to all these questions is – lack of true understanding of self and life

We are not gung-ho and enthusiastic about our life. We take life as a journey which we have to complete it somehow. We think that there is something or somebody else who is more powerful and dictates our destiny. We actually never believe that we can control our life and take it wherever we want. It’s like giving away the control of the steering wheel of our life to somebody unknown. This is not the way human beings, who have been best iiowed with all kinds of power are supposed to live. This lack of true understanding of self and life prevents us from living life to our full potential and satisfaction which ultimately leaves us with so many regrets at the end of our lives.


Every day, thousands of uninspired employees trudge to work, often dooming their companies to failure with their lack of motivation. It is a big challenge for the employees to ensure unhesitating loyalty, and high level of motivation from their employees who remain vulnerable to poaching by a competitor company. Every company has tried their level best through pay hikes to overcome this malaise but to no avail. The answer lies in equipping their team leaders with the right skills to lead their team in order to optimize the team’s output and achieve high level of loyalty and continuity from their employees.


  To increase productivity by fostering excellent morale in the work place and further leading the team to achieve the unachievable.


  • Understand the relationship between one’s role as a human being and as a professional.  
  • Instill intrinsic motivation within each employee to give their best.
  • Build within each a sense of commitment to achieve the organizational goal.
  • Make them believe that they are very important for the organization’s success.  
  • Get into the habit of being accountable to each of your actions.
  • Transform big organization into a great organization.


  • Your Coordinates as a Human being and a Professional.
  • You and Your Organization.
  • Leading for Success.
  • Developing Positive Attitude.
  • Worthwhile Work.
  • In Control of Achieving the Goal.
  • Cheering Each other On.
  • The Spirit.